Uncertainty The project

How to live with fears, doubts, and an uncertain future?


The U3 Documentary film

A unique and different documentary. A film production that shows the uncertainties, questions, doubts and “surprises” experienced by a group of students while recording and producing a movie. 

Because uncertainty is everywhere, even in big film productions. 



The Psalm 23

True stories of people living in uncertainty

The Series Season two

True stories of people living in uncertainty

The Series Season one

A series of short inspirational spots

The Social Media Clips

Short inspirational spots for Social Media on uncertainty, future and hope.

A film about fears, life decisions, and faith

The Movie

Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, and French.


The Short Film

Jessica knows she is going to die. However, that certainty motivates her to make a radical change in her life. That change transforms Jessica’s life, and she begins to believe that she can be saved. Bob, her counselor, begins to doubt the true reasons for her change.

Uncertainty 2020

The Documentary

2020 was surely not the year we all expected. A year full of misfortunes, doubts, and fears. A year full of uncertainties.

What if uncertainty is the best school to strengthen our faith?

Four young people from the United States reflect deeply on the events of 2020 and share their experiences and how they faced the challenges of this year and how to face an uncertain future.

A documentary produced by SONSCREEN FILMS, in association with HOPE MEDIA EUROPE and SVAD Productions.

Uncertainty book cover


The Book

The book is structured in three parts. The first part focuses on a variety of problems uncertainty raises –on a mental, relational and spiritual level– so that the reader would become aware of certain patterns and specific solutions to correct the unbalance between the negative and the positive effect uncertainty may have on our wellbeing.

The second section will uncover general principles arising from the most counterintuitive case studies, offering a framework in which one can start thinking and dealing with his own specific uncertainties.

Finally, the purpose of the third section is to help people effect a change of focus, from ME –the victim to uncertainties, to ME –the proactive supporter of those who are challenged by uncertainties.